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A hot spot for winter yacht charter vacations, the exotic Caribbean Islands offer superb white sand beaches and crystal clear blue waters. One of the world’s most popular Yacht Charter destination, the tropical islands of the Caribbean provide warm winds, isolated waterways, amazing anchorages and a unique cultural mix. The best Caribbean cruising time is November to April, and the high season is from mid-December to March. Whether you choose to explore the BVI’s, the French Antilles, or the more southern Grenadines,most local flights connect through Puerto Rico, St. Martin or the French Antilles.

Caribbean Yacht Diving

The Bahamas

So close to Florida, to the North of the Caribbean the Bahamas are a true exotic getaway.The best time to visit is from December to May, although it may be a little cool at times over Christmas. Low laying isles, uncountable white sandy beaches and blue, blue, blue water everywhere. The Bahamas are a true heaven for game fishing.

The British Virgin Islands

The BVI offer a peaceful and isolated environment. Breathtaking islands, pristine beaches, turquoise waters, picturesque anchorages and well-equipped marinas.


Caribbean Yacht TenderAntigua is a perfect place to start a Caribbean charter, ideally located, rich with local history and home to some of the best yachts cruising the Caribbean, it is easily reachable by plane.

The French Antilles

In the French Antilles, Guadeloupe and Martinique are two unique places not to be missed by visiting yachts. Guadeloupe has a great variety of marine life, divers will appreciate exploring its azure waters and colorful corals. The Martinique’s white sand beaches are on the south coast, while black sand is found on the northern coast. To the north, St Martin is home to many large yachts and is a convenient start or end port for charters. Inland the main activity is duty free shopping on the Dutch side of the island.

The Lower Antilles

From Saint Vincent, down to the Grenadines, beauty is everywhere for the more adventurous cruisers with more time on their hands. The Grenadines are a true unique group of islands, each with its own typical charm and flavor. Grenada, the southernmost island of the Grenadines group, with pristine waterfronts and typical colorful tin roof houses is known as “the spice island”. A very picturesque island, Grenada is a fascinating and emotional place to explore.

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