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Best cruising time: January to April


Located 10 degrees south of the Equator on the Western Indian Ocean, the Seychelles count 115 islands. Mahe, the main isle is an extraordinary cultural goldmine and with an international airport it is a very convenient point to start a yacht charter vacation. Praslin lies just 45 km NE of Mahe and its neighbor La Digue is known for its rare birds and flowers. The Seychelles’s inland territory counts several forests worth discovering. Cristal clear waters, blue lagoons and still few yachts visiting the area make this destination very special.

Mauritius and Reunion

Mauritius and its twin Reunion island are rich with fascinating history and are surrounded with stunning landscapes, high cliffs, sand beaches, coral reefs, indigo waters, pristine underwater natural life, original flora and fauna. Dolphins and whales are not a rare sight for charterers.


South West of the Indian subcontinent, the Maldives archipelago is famed for its underwater beauty and undeveloped islands, white sand beaches and turquoise waters are everywhere. The multitude of colours and variety of underwater life make it a world top diving destination. When most visitors choose one island for their stay, chartering a yacht is a unique opportunity to visit several islands in perfect style. Male, the capital, has an international airport and is close to the best yachting destinations.

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