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polynesiaBest cruising time is from May to November, during the cool dry season, South Pacific trade winds make for pleasant days and cool nights with an average daytime temperatures of 24°C.

French Polynesia

After landing at Papeete’s airport on the main island of Tahiti, 2 choices are available for French Polynesia yacht charters:
- Charter a yacht in the nearby leeward islands (Iles sous le vent), tall, green, circled with the most magnificent blue lagoons and with delicious names such as Tahiti, Moorea, Raiatea, Taha, Huahine and Bora Bora, each having its own mysterious charm. All may be visited on a 7 days charter.
- Or to the North East of Tahiti, lay the Tuamotu archipelago filled with low laying atolls. Isolated rings of sand covered with palm trees, holding enchanting lagoons where locals cultivate black pearls. Rangiroa has the largest lagoon and offers one of the best shark gathering sights worldwide. One’s feeling of having reached the “end of the world” is common in the Tuamotu. We recommend a two weeks charter to really feel the relaxed mood of these islands. Tikehau, Apataki, Fakarava are definitely worth visiting.
Fiji Yacht Charter


Tonga well deserves its nickname “The Friendly Islands“. Counting some 170 islands scattered across more than 700 000 sq.miles of deep blue ocean, we recommend visiting the Northern Vava’u archipelago, some 120 km north of Nukualofa, your first landing destination. The Vava’u islands are so close to one another that one may change anchorage, sail for 15 minutes and find himself in a totally different environment. Absolute cristal clear water where 60m underwater vision is not uncommon. Life on land is easy, never too fast and its inhabitants are warm and welcoming.

Fiji’s Islands

” Bula ” means Welcome to Fiji
Famous for its clean turquoise seas, white sand beaches, soft coral diving and pristine natural environment, Fiji is blessed with over 333 superb tropical islands.Fiji is a true exotic yacht charter destination halfway between North America and Asia. International connecting flights are available through Suva.

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