MYBA Yacht Charter Agreements – Charter terms

Under MYBA terms, the charter fee includes the charter of the vessel, insured with all its equipment in working order; the crew’s food and wages and the vessel’s laundry.

Not included and charged at cost are all other expenses : such as food and beverages for the Charterer’s party, fuel for the yacht and tender(s), port fees, water and electricity taken from shore, personal laundry, Charter Party communications and the hire or purchase costs of any special equipment placed onboard at the Charterer’s request.

The MYBA charter agreement is the most widely used charter contract nowadays. In some areas, yachts may operate under other terms : In the Caribbean, or in the Eastern Med, some yachts prefer terms where food and harbour dues are included. Not included are generally beverages and fuel above 4 hours cruising per day.

These explanations should be used as a general guide : specific terms and conditions may differ from yacht to yacht. We’ll confirm the specific charter terms and conditions of your selected yacht.

APA – Advance Provisioning Allowance

In addition to charter fees, you will also be required to pay an APA of 30% of the charter amount. This sum will allow the Captain and Chef to supply the yacht according to your food and beverage preferences, and to cover your other charter costs for fuel, port fees, communication costs, etc.

During the charter, the Captain will inform you regularly about the level of expenses of the APA.

At the end of the charter, the Captain will present a statement of account showing all expenses billed at cost with supporting receipts. You will be refunded any unused funds or you will have to pay any additional expenses. In any case, unpaid accounts will be settled directly with the Captain prior to disembarkation.


VAT is not included in the charter rate as the applicable rate may differ depending on the country where boarding occurs or on the chosen itinerary.